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Sam Enjoying Calamari in Panama

We had a great trip to Panama and all the seafood was so fresh. Randy and Sam really enjoyed the Calamari however Lori was not interested in eating the food with tentacles.

Connor at VEX Robotics Tournament

Connor enjoyed VEX robotics with his team The Q is Silqent. He and his team made it to two VEX world championships during his high school career. His team enjoyed the competitions very much due to the true engineering nature. They earned many awards at regional, state and world levels.

Cars in Cuba during our trip

We were fortunate to visit Cuba in 2016. We had a small window during the time US regulations were lifted and we took advantage of the opportunity. It was interesting, no credit cards could be used, we stayed at the only US company owned hotel. On a funny note, we exchanged US dollars for Canadian dollars before we left to save a 20% tariff the Cuban government imposes on US tourist exchanging money to the Cuban Pesos. We also researched a ton before the trip and understood the issues of how poor people are and we took many gift bags to distribute during our trip. An experience we will never forget.

Connor at FTC Robotics Tournament

Connor participated in FTC robotics for 5 years, his team during those years became the most awarded and celebrated robotics team in MN state history. Winning state championships and attending three world championships. The Q is Silqent was something to admire for their capabilities and incredible outreach of STEM activities.

Bull Fight in Spain

Seeing a bull fight in Spain was so fun. The pageantry that goes with this sport is something to be admired. If you have a chance, go see it.

Sam Solving a Rubik Cube in 12 Seconds

Lori and Randy in Munich

If you go to Munich, Germany, you must visit the Hofbräuhaus, one of the most famous bars for Octoberfest. It is a party all year round and we were fortunate to sit at a table with a group that knew the band very well. The band came over to serenade us and we enjoyed every minute.

Early years of Connor and Sam

This was on a vacation in Duluth. Dad was asking both of them to make a commercial and they helped out. This truly shows some of the fun and excitement in the early years. It also captures Grandparents and cousins looking on at the show of talent.


Sam Solving a 2X2 Rubik Cube in 4 Seconds

Sam Solving a SKEWB

QCares by The Q is Silqent

QCares was an outreach activity where the team taught STEM lessons to students at Oak Ridge Elementary School. The team members learned to be caring, patient, and generous. While the students benefited, I would argue the team were the true winners by becoming heroic young men to the students that looked up to these high schoolers. There is still a college scholarship waiting for a lucky Junior Q Scientist, now just a few years away.

Sam Solving a 2X2 Rubik Cube in 4 Seconds

Sam Solves Rubik Cube One-handed

Sam Solving a Rubik Cube in 13 Seconds


Sam Solving a PYRAMINX

Sam HS Graduation Video

Video created for Sam's High School Graduation Party

Sam Solving a Rubik Cube in 12 Seconds